Military technology for photographer..
Just choose the distance, leave your camera and go away

- For Security.
- Wild life photos.
- Long batery life, for night and day time.
- It works behind the window.
- For fashion photos.
- Bird photos
- High speed trigger


It is kind of military technology for photographer. These time targets are wild animals, Lightning and security.
We are using Laser beam, avoid direct eye exposure.

Choose the effective metering by pot which behind the Fometron.

Laser beam goes lens destination to the front, if it blips any object and measuring is which we arrange, reflection and comes back to Fometron. At the same moment It will send the signal for shutter to camera in 0,1ms (your camera's added shutter lag time will vary depending on camera type.)

The effective distance is going to change with metering, like high depth field cameras. For example, if you choose 30m by pot; Fometron going to be active between 15 to 30m. If you choose 1m; will be active between nearly 0, 8 to 1,4m. It depends on the colour or the object.

Remember: Lightning and some wild life can be DANGEROUS. Never expose yourself at close proximity.

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