Product Code: FOMETRON US-10 (1-10m. Active Range)


FOMETRON-Us10 works:

It produces infrared laser beam and sends it to the in front of to the lens destination. There is a pot at the back side of the Fometron for to choose the meter( 1 to 10m).
When it’s powered the laser beam picks up the object which is within the range.
These moment it sends signal to the camera for shutter.
It's working program for "high depth field".
Fometron has two input jack; one is, for to send shutter signal to the camera, other one is, for battery.

-Choose the meter by pot, put on the camera “manual mode" and also set on the camera, same meter.
-It can work behind of the window, if "no mirror effect" on the glass
-Can not recognize deeply dark or reflective object (mirror effect) .
-It has thin laser beam, so; possible to control small areas.
-Night time use own flash of the camera
- 0,1 ms. response time from event to triggering of shutter. (your camera's added shutter lag time will vary depending on camera type.)
-Includes cable and interface plug for cameras listed on this website.

-Don't use another kind of power unit.
-Use it carefully , carry it by own cover, don’t drop it down or use any
-If you don't see any red light when the power on; charge the battery.
-once it is opened it, will be out of the guarantee
-Don't look it from objective destination.
-No directly sun light.
Remember: Lightning and some wild life can be DANGEROUS. Never expose yourself at close proximity.